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About Our Mission

Contributing to a better Future

We’re the Swiss Association for Mental Health Innovation, based in Zürich, Switzerland and our main goal is to revolutionise the healthcare system through the adoption of innovative ideas. Every day, we come across new projects that make a difference, and we connect the talented teams behind them with the whole ecosystem, in order to help these relevant solutions integrate with the main players and be able to be used by patients.

Our technology-focused hub members have many years of experience in psychology, psychiatry, innovation and we understand that our success is measured by the accomplishments of our startups, partner organisations and mostly importantly the patients. When you join us, you’ll get immediate access to the Swiss innovation and medical ecosystem from strategic industry players, experts, likeminded entrepreneurs, investors and more. Get in touch today.


Who We Are

Our team is made up of strategic players with an extensive background in innovation, psychology and psychiatry. From our members and mentors to the management team at Swiss Association for Mental Health Innovation, we are eager to meet you. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

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Patricia Gall

Co-Founder & President

Since she was a child, Patricia has been drawn to psychology and what makes people do certain things or display certain behaviours. Following her studies in Finance at Bocconi University in Milan, she continued studying psychology in her private life, while also undergoing an entrepreneurial path. 
Startups and innovation are at the forefront of her career, as she gained experience both in the corporate world at Credit Suisse , where she worked in Innovation for both Private Clients and UHNWI , and at a leading Swiss Innovation company Kickstart Innovation, as the Senior Manager for the FinTech & InsurTech vertical.
The SAMHI project combines Patricia's biggest passions: psychology and innovation with the main goal of helping the community. 

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Dr. med. Konrad Hitz

Co-Founder & Head of Medical

Doctor Hitz’s passion for psychiatry was sparked early in his life, during his high school years in Austria.  Having finished his studies in Vienna, doctor Hitz moved to Switzerland, where he gained further experience as a senior psychiatrist at the Crisis Intervention Center of the University Hospital of Zurich.  It was then that he developed his passion for trauma work (EMDR, Egostates) and realised that it is not just “cluster A trauma” (major events in life) that can shape a person and their social interactions, but also the difficult periods that happen throughout a person’s life and which impact their mental health.
Following this, doctor Hitz served as the Medical Director of The Kusnacht Practice, one of the world’s most exclusive private treatment centre and leader in the treatment of dependencies and psychological disorders. 

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